Learn to value your treasures at Panna Tiger Resort, M.P

“Life keeps throwing stones and I keep finding the diamonds.” Anna Claudia Antunes.

This quote almost sums up the complete life lesson but what could be most exciting then to experience this quote with your family.  Are you confused?

Imagine if you get a chance to visit a diamond mine where you could relish the journey of almost excavating this precious gem from land to the luxurious stores.

Yes, you could choose to visit Panna, famous for its tiger reserve, in Madhya Pradesh where you could also have private diamond mines which could be visited by tourists with due planning. This is a part of travel which will add dimension to your urban life and will teach you and the younger generation to value the treasures they have as this is a result of a lot of hard work by some talented artisan.

Methods of Soil Digging – Madhya Pradesh

The process of digging out 4 layers of land is the beginning of this process where the artisans first dig top layer of soil, then the second layer of land with stones called ludiya up to 5ft, third layer of yellow soil (peeli mitti for 10 ft). Finally they reach the last layer of soil called Khakru (in 3 ft) which is the raw material of this gem.

It is this layer of khakru which is cleaned to find the gem. Now 30 portions of this Khakru is dipped in the tank of muddy water for 24 hours making it a little larger in size due to overnight soaking. Then these khakru need to be kneaded by legs, need to be cleaned by hands, and need to be sieved by the labourers and put back in the tank of muddy water. These steps need to be repeated multiple times. A step which is a deeply tiring and laborious task to take out that one piece for your status.

Tips for Finding Diamonds on the Surface – Madhya Pradesh

This step starts with transferring these stones on a plain land where each stone is examined very carefully to find that one gem to steal our heart. This process is considered as the last step in finding a diamond so all footwear are restricted in this small piece of land.  

Now one question certainly comes to our mind…. How do these people identify a diamond?

There comes the power of knowledge which is not limited to people who are well-dressed and speak fluent English. Knowledge is also very raw and simple so it could lie anywhere and in anybody. All we need to do is absorb it. These highly skilled labourers are trained to identify a diamond from these stones who look very simple.

In the world of 30 minutes delivery, fast food, quick success, each labourer might find a diamond in 1-2 weeks of laborious day and their passion for work remains the same. The working conditions are simply under the light blue sky with sun, rain and a cold shower on them.

It is a lifetime experience to understand that every beautiful thing is found with a lot of pain…. the biggest life lesson.

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Resorts near Panna National Park 

Boat Safari in Panna – Panna Tiger Resort, M.P

Ken River Boating in Panna National Park – Panna Tiger Resort

Thinking of a National Park or Safari, always brings the bold and rugged jeeps but the famous Panna Tiger Reserve (Perfect Staycation near Panna Tiger Reserve) has a fascinating Boat Safari packed for you. Yes!!! You heard it right.

Boat Safari on River Ken at Panna National Park – Panna Tiger Resort

Every Jungle has its own unique flavor. Similarly Panna is known for dry grassland, with shrubs, tall grasses, thorny woodlands but the beautiful tributary of Yamuna river, Ken adds a different element of this Nation Park. Ken flows through the Bundelkhand region and passes through Panna Tiger Reserve. So this gorgeous river offers a memorable boat trip for you in Panna.  

Bird Watching in Panna, Madhya Pradesh – Panna Tiger Resort

Often in bird watching walks, we keep craving to view the birdies from a closer distance. The Ken Boat ride trip takes us closer to our feathered friends in their own habitat making them magnificent.  

What makes the boat ride more exciting is the route of this river. As it covers most of the forest areas, you witness the residents very closely. The ride will keep you on your toes to locate long snout gharial, python and other aquatic species. You will have to keep a sharp eye all through the Ken Boat Safari as you could spot a Eurasian Eagle Owls, and Black Ibises easily. It will be thrilling for you to spot loads of animals at the river bank as they come to take their daily dose of water.

The beautiful landscape will keep you engaged in its beauty with the rolling water at the backdrop. This surreal boat ride is a not to miss activity however if done with a naturalist will make it more enjoyable.  

Book Resorts near Caves and Waterfall in Madhya Pradesh – Panna Tiger Resort

Interestingly you will be able to see a few castles in the bank of river Ken which are believed to be owned by Rajput’s at one time. These castle ruins are a good area for trekking but with permissions.  

This one hour surreal boat safari will be an experience to lock in your dairy for long.

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Location: Panna Tiger Resort , Ken River Ripta Road, Madla, Panna (M.P.)

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